blindfolded mario pianist
 楽譜は >> こちら(*)。FAQは >> こちら。で、FAQの中から「やっぱり」という記述をみつけました。
Q. Where are the music sheets for “Mario World Intro Theme”, “Overworld Theme”, and/or “Ghost Theme”?
A. He doesn’t currently have music sheets for these songs, because he simply plays them by ear from the MIDI version of the songs (maybe you can too!). He would like to add, “Even all those arpeggios in the Ghost Theme I was playing on the spot, I didn’t practice them before the recording =]”
Q. What does he do other than make blindfolded mario videos?
A. He is currently a student. Next year he will be entering The Cleveland Institute of Music where he will study with the world famous pianist Paul Schenly.
 楽譜にあるKoji Kondoと、ピアノを弾いている彼は別人です。